The Roses Radiothon: for the health of our region!

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March 13, 2018

Bathurst - This morning, the foundations of the four hospitals in the Acadie-Bathurst launched the 12th Roses Radiothon. The objective of the Radiothon is to raise over $150,000 to purchase equipment for the fight against cancer in our regional hospital and to support the annual campaigns in the Acadian Peninsula.

“The Roses Radiothon is an opportunity for us to raise awareness of the importance of our health facilities and show our communities that by working together, as a region, we can help health professionals by providing them with cutting-edge equipment. Once again this year, we are grateful to be able to count on a number of media partners, including l'Acadie Nouvelle, CKLE, CKRO and Max 104.9. Thanks to their support, we are convinced that we will have a strong voice to reach the entire population,” explained Marie Jeanne Noël, Chair of the Roses Radiothon for La Fondation de l'Hôpital de Lamèque.

This year, the money raised will make it possible to improve two sectors: Ambulatory Care and the Oncology Clinic. Part of the money will also go toward the annual campaigns on the Acadian Peninsula. In Ambulatory Care, a specialized device will make it much easier for patients who have had a mastectomy to access breast reconstruction. For the Oncology Clinic, a phlebotomy chair and a chair scale will contribute to improving patient comfort. In addition, specialized chairs for children and educational games will be purchased for youth aged 18 and under who have to undergo treatments at our Oncology Clinic.


Jessica Ward, mother of a six-year-old boy who has brain cancer, talks about the importance of having access to services close to home.

“In July 2014, we came face to face with the unimaginable. Our only son, then not quite three years old, was discovered to have a cancer of the brain and spinal cord. After spending 10 months in Quebec hospitals, we came back home to Bertrand. However, the break was short-lived. A few months later, his cancer was back. Jérémie was four at the time.

Now at the age of six, Jérémie continues his fight against the disease. He is resilient and faces his fears. My son is my hero. Seeing him love life despite everything he has to overcome gives me the strength to continue and give the best of myself.

For us, getting treated close to home makes all the difference. Since we found out about his relapse, Jérémie has received 115 chemotherapy treatments at the Chaleur Regional Hospital Oncology Clinic. Despite having to do the Acadian Peninsula to Bathurst round-trip for his chemotherapy treatments, being able to sleep at home, surrounded by our own things, makes all the difference. We have a semblance of normal life.” 


The Roses Radiothon

Since 2007, the foundations of the hospitals in the Northeast have joined forces to improve the quality of treatments and services provided to the women of our region. Together, we have raised over $1.8 million, namely $1,214,168 for the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation to purchase equipment to improve the screening and treatment of some types of cancer, and $640,188 for the foundations in the Acadian Peninsula to meet their respective needs.

“I want to thank all volunteers and donors who, year after year, support the fight against breast cancer and give hope to those affected so that one day this terrible disease becomes a thing of the past. To those affected and their loved ones, to families afflicted by the pain, whether physical or psychological, I want to remind you that you are not and never will be victims. In my eyes, and to the entire Vitalité Health Network, you are nothing less than true heroes” explained M. Gilles Lanteigne, President and Chief Executive Officer for Vitalité Health Network.


For more information, please contact:

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CAPTION OF THE PHOTO : from left to right

Mona Losier, Chair of the Roses Radiothon for the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation, Stéphane Legacy, Vice-President of Outpatient and Professional Services for Vitalité Health Network, Gilles Lanteigne, President and Chief Executive Officer for Vitalité Health Network, Dr. Marc-André Collin, plastic surgeon, Marie-Jeanne Noël, Chair of the Roses Radiothon for the Fondation de l’Hôpital de Lamèque Inc., Jérémie Ward-Côté, patient at the Oncology Clinic, Joseph Lanteigne, Chair of the Roses Radiothon for the Fondation Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus, Monique Savoie, Chair of the Roses Radiothon for the Fondation Les Amis de l’Hôpital de Tracadie, Cindy Clément, Acting Clinical coordinator in oncology and Jessica Ward, mother of Jérémie.