Major Funding Campaign


· provide services and care in a more appropriate environment;

· maximize treatment quality and meet increasing needs;

· improve patient safety;

· meet existing standards.

A major project that will have a major impact for patients!

Oncology service in Caraquet:

· The new section will be configured to allow for oxygen systems and new technologies to be used for treatments.

· The seven chairs will be grouped together and used more efficiently for all treatments.

· Services will be more accessible, safer and easier to manage.

· More patients will be treated every day.

· Communication between staff and patients will be more effective.

· Patient and family care and services will be greatly improved to ensure their comfort and safety.

· Acquisition of high-quality equipment that will allow for more accurate diagnoses.

Medical Imaging Department and Urology Clinic:

· The pieces of equipment will be intended for the Medical Imaging Department and the Urology Clinic of the Enfant-Jésus RHSJ† Hospital.

· They will make it possible to improve diagnostic and follow-up services, which will translate into patients getting a diagnosis quicker and close to where they live.

Each dollar will be entirely allocated to projects!

ONCOLOGY SERVICE – The goal is to treat patients as close to their families as possible and spare them from having to travel. The oncology service receives 2,300 visits each year for chemotherapy treatments, supportive treatments such as blood transfusions, and medical appointments.