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Friday, April 26, support your radiothon!

The 18th edition of the event will take place on Friday, April 26, 2024, and is an ideal opportunity to honour the courage of people who are fighting or have fought against illness and to contribute to improving health care here at home first.

We are seeking your support today in order to purchase essential medical equipment that will help increase the quality of care we offer our patients. Every single donation will play a major role in our ability to ensure a safe and effective care environment. Please let us explain how essential and qualitative every piece of equipment is.

– In the medical unit, purchasing a patient lift will allow for a single caregiver to help a patient go from a sitting position to a standing position. Designed ergonomically, this new device promotes comfort and safety during this important transition. With your support, we can offer more personalized care, thus improving the mobility and quality of life of patients.

– Your donations will help us refresh our speech therapy material for children. Constant disinfection is essential to guarantee a clean and stimulating therapeutic environment, but it increases the wear and tear of the material. By investing in new toys and equipment, you are letting children learn in a meaningful way while improving their experience in therapy.

– Our emergency department needs an advanced ultrasound system. This system offers the best images it its category, therefore improving the accuracy of diagnoses and the timeliness of interventions in urgent situations. Your contribution will help save lives by ensuring a better performance when every second counts.

– Purchasing an exam table specifically designed for gynecological clinics proves necessary. This equipment will enhance the comfort of patients during medical interventions and allow easy access to gynecological exams. With more than 90 patients per month, your support will greatly impact the quality of gynecological care we offer our community.

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In September 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had to travel to Bathurst to take my chemotherapy treatments, but after each treatment, I could go back home, with my husband and continue my routine. The fact that I was receiving my treatments near my home and returning home allowed me to continue my part time work as a waitress, as well as continue my dance classes. For me, it was very important to continue my activities and to surround myself with positive people.

My cancer being aggressive, I received my treatments very quickly. But even in this fast pace, the staff of the Oncology Clinic and the doctors took the time to explain to me, step by step, the treatments and follow-ups that I was going to receive.

I encourage you to participate in the Radiothon des Roses. We never know when the disease will hit and who it will hit; it can be you or someone close to you. Your donation will allow our regional hospital to continue to purchase equipment for the fight against cancer and make a difference in the lives of people affected by this disease.