The 10th Roses Radiothon, an event organized today by the hospital foundations in the Northeast was aired on the radio stations CKRO 97,1, Max 104.9, Max 104.9 and CKLE 92,9 FM.

The $100,000 goal was reached again this year with a total of $ 107 701. This money will go towards the needs in the fight against cancer in the Ambulatory care unit at the Chaleur Regional Hospital. It is also important to underline that more than $ 57 573 was raised for the annual campaigns of the Acadian Peninsula establishments to meet certain needs in their respective institutions.

“Even after eight years as Chair of the Radiothon for the Caraquet area, I’m astonished at the generosity of people. We often say that together we can make a difference and an event like this one clearly shows it. Over $ 165,274 was raised in the Chaleur and Acadian Peninsula region. On my behalf and on behalf of my colleagues, I wish to thank not only the volunteers who work on the day of the Radiothon but also all those who work throughout the year. I also wish to thank all donors. It’s thanks to you all that we can say, mission accomplished.” declared Joseph Lanteigne, Chair

Where do the funds from the Roses Radiothon go?

All the funds raised in the Chaleur region and 20% of the funds raised on the Acadian Peninsula will go toward meeting the needs at the Breast Health Clinic and Surgical Suite of the Chaleur Regional Hospital, as well as meeting the needs within the facilities in the Acadian Peninsula.

In total, 80% of the funds raised on the Acadian Peninsula will go toward meeting the needs targeted by the annual campaigns of the three foundations in the peninsula.

For more information, please contact:

Guy-Laine Legacé
Special Events Officer
Development Office
506 544 2370